Complexity lies between the elements,

and Microsoft Excel is the most common language

Why does a management task go smoothly—or not?

Carbono was invented and incubated in 2011 by Berners Consulting, a boutique management consulting firm with activities in Germany, Brazil and China. One of Berners´ focus areas are services related to Complexity Management, and the Carbono concept has proved effective in this context. The underlying key question is: what makes a certain topic function in a company´s specific environment? And, with all the resources and systems available, why do even rather simple tasks often pose significant challenges?

In 2014, Carbono became a stand-alone spin-off. In 2017, the first publicly available commercial product was launched. The concept continuously evolves around its core ideas, resulting in a pipeline of innovative approaches that—we believe—will change the way companies worldwide manage their businesses.


 ´Relpmis ton tub, elbissop sa elpmis sa sgniht ekam.´