The Carbono concept:

Create your own, on your own.

Our tutorial videos show you how it works.

Online Video Tutorials

Our tutorial videos explain the use of Carbono in a few minutes. We recommend to watch the basic tutorial, as well as the one on its advanced usage. For specific use cases—such as Project Management or Data Gathering—the respective videos are also helpful.

The tutorials are made for introducing you to the general use of the Carbono add–in, and lay the base for your development of your own solutions in Excel.

The Basics

This introduction video explains in 14 minutes the basic principles of Carbono, and enables you to start developing your own solutions.      

Advanced Use

This video on the advanced use of Carbono (16 min.) addresses most aspects for the development of more sophisticated solutions.  

Project Management

This video about our project management template (8 min.) explains the use of our ready-to-use solution on your specific case.  

Data Gathering

This video on our data gathering template (11 min.) explains the use of our ready-to-use solution  on your specific case.  

Process Management

This video addresses the use of Carbono in process management (10 min.).