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Efficient portfolio management with Carbono

The effective management of a large number of work items in different departments and in various functions represents a considerable challenge for large organizations. Examples are the management of corporate project portfolios, tracking of people development, or investment stakes around the globe.

Typically, the items and the way the company prefers to manage them are so specific, that no off-the-shelf systems solution fits in a way that fully satisfies all stakeholders´ needs. Thus, many companies prefer to manage these items with a series of Excel spreadsheets.

However, doing so may bring with it a series of issues. Just to mention two of them, the correctness of data is often hampered by the need to have some kind of manual consolidation or transfer; and, data safety is not always given when sending back and forth Excel tracking sheets by e–mail…

Carbono offers a more advanced way to manage portfolios. For example, tracking sheets can be easily made accessible to the relevant persons. Consolidation of status and other information can quickly be automatized, and all information can be shared adequately for further treatment.