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Online Shop: Licenses

Carbono is a new and innovative add–in for Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016.

Carbono licenses cost between US$ 11.00 (package of 100 licenses or more) and US$ 19.00 (single license) per month. License period is 12 months. One single payment is due at the beginning of the license period. For online purchases, we offer payment via PayPal. There is no automatic renewal after the license period. Please also observe that—differently from many other software solutions—only the coordinator of a process, project or portfolio needs a license, and not all end users involved. Generally, for a topic of medium complexity, you will thus need one or two licenses, and not dozens.

When purchasing multiple licenses for your company, we recommend to make one single registration in the name of a central administrator. Each license may be used on up to three computers per user, professional or personal. You may transfer a license from one user to another during the license period of 12 months—you do not need to inform us about this transfer. However, you shall uninstall Carbono from the previous user´s computer(s), before installing it on the new user´s computer(s).

For purchases in Brazil only: if you wish to use a Brazilian PayPal account, payment shall occur in local currency. We offer installment in up to 12 times. Please select ´R$´ in the currency field above.