´The effectiveness in

supporting even complex tasks

was really surprising.´


Power > Increase productivity of your processes

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used management tools worldwide. Analysts and managers on all levels use it to handle tasks of all kinds. However generally these home–made solutions fall short in some aspects. Just to mention some of those, people frequently encounter difficulties when sharing templates with others via e–mail, when consolidating large amounts of input, or when changing the layout of templates. Carbono was designed to address these issues, and help organizations to increase productivity and effectiveness of their teams.

Power > Extend your existing Excel solutions

In companies, many processes and topics are not supported by dedicated systems. There are always those questions that need to be treated by the respective responsible in a way that is easy and quick to implement. Consequently, great amount of effort is put into establishing management items in Excel. With Carbono, you can start from this point—using what is already established in your company and department, and elaborate from there.

Power > Discover countless new possibilities

Carbono introduces new functionalities related to management of templates and data. With the add–in, people start developing new ways to manage what they already did with Excel. Data gathering is just one field of applications, and users rapidly find new creative ways to improve their business processes. New possibilities, that open themselves to the ones that are inside their specific process environments.

Power > Supports even complex tasks and processes

If you already use Excel for more sophisticated tasks, you will be surprised how Carbono will enable you to do even more. On the other hand, if you abstained from doing certain things in Excel because you considered them too complex or demanding to be done with Excel, you might reconsider after learning what can be done with Carbono. Carbono provides new base functionalities—distribution and consolidation of templates—that widen the use of Excel to a whole new range of tasks. These can also be built into business processes of higher complexity.

Power > Scale your own Excel developments

When working with Excel in a traditional manner, people often encounter various limits as things grow over time. When a set–up passes a certain threshold of complexity, the sheer number of links starts to become too messy to be understandable. Also, when you need to make changes to certain sheets, you never know where in the whole set–up there might be impacts. In Carbono, things are much different. As in general in Carbono you do not use physical links between sheets, the structure remains lean and flexible when adding a large number of users and sheets.

Easiness > Add-in is easy to implement

Implementation of Carbono is easy—just download and install it on your computer, and enter a valid license key. It is also important to note that only the ´owner´ of a certain topic—such as the management of a business process or a project—needs to install the add–in. The reason for that is, that only this person will need to distribute and collect the templates, and consolidate data. People that receive the templates thus do not need the add–in, and will work with their regular Excel just as they are used to. This increases the acceptance of a process that has been configured with Carbono, as a) the end users do not need to purchase a license of the add–in, and b) they have no change in their current way of working, at all. In most cases, barriers within the company thus are low regarding the implementation of Carbono. This is even more relevant when working with external contributors, such as suppliers, or others.

Easiness > No need to be an Excel expert

Carbono is an Excel add–in. This means, that it can be used by any person that has a certain level of proficiency in Excel. In general, this level can be described as ´intermediate´. So, you do not need to be an expert in Excel to use Carbono to your favour. For example, if you today use Excel to support a specific process, you will probably not encounter difficulties in improving this way of doing things, with Carbono. In other words, you do not need to learn new Excel skills—like VBA programming, or PowerPivot—to take advantage of Carbono´s functionalities.

Easiness > No end user training required

The utilization of Carbono is very easy. From an end user´s perspective, it is as simple as opening an Excel spreadsheet, typing in data, and saving the document. In fact, people often are surprised when they learn that all data is automatically collected into a central workbook and treated from there on. This is one of Carbono´s greatest benefits—it does not interfere in the way people work today. This lack of any technological barrier largely increases chances that a process that supported by Carbono gains traction within the company.

Easiness > No developer training required

Setting-up, distribution and gathering of templates is very intuitive and simple. Generally, watching a few minutes of tutorials is sufficient for most people with intermediate Excel skills to develop Carbono solutions for most of their management challenges. However, in case you have a more complex task—such as development of process monitoring mechanisms—regular Excel consultants in your region may usually assist you, after watching the tutorial videos.

Cost efficiency > License fees fit even into tight budgets

Well, no more words needed here…   ;-)

Cost efficiency > End users don´t need the add-in

End users—which in general represent the large majority of users in a business process—do not need the add–in. Take the example of project management: in most software solutions, each participant of a project that has access needs to have a separate license. Let´s say that for a medium–sized project, you would need between 5 to 10 licenses. With Carbono, only the central PMO needs the add–in on his/her computer, while the numerous work front leaders will work with their regular Microsoft Excel. In other words, in our example, with Carbono you would need between 80 and 90% fewer licenses.

Cost efficiency > Can substitute multiple systems

Due to the versatility of Carbono as a management tool, it can be used for a great variety of applications. For example, if you already do data gathering with it, you may also use it for portfolio management, without the need for another costly system.