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Carbono supports your process management

Companies have systems in place that store and administer most of their essential business data. A company´s core processes are managed based on these systems. Typically, this includes production data, logistics, finance, accounting and others. However, not all relevant business processes are support by dedicated systems. It would often not be feasible to develop and maintain a large number of them.

This applies especially those management processes that depend more on qualitative input and information than on hard data. Much of the relevant information is simply not available in a binary form. A typical example is a status report on some approval item—it is important for the process to move along, but it depends on somebody giving some typed input. Often, Microsoft Excel plays an important role.

With Carbono, you can make process management with Excel more effective. Form sheets and approval processes can be configured in a way that is very intuitive for the people involved in the process. It can be as simple as opening an MS Excel worksheet on the person´s computer, typing in information or data, or clicking on an ´approved´ button. With Carbono, you can also easily elaborate automatized Excel dashboards that are exactly tailored to you needs.