´The buy-in of our people

right from the beginning

was quite unexpected.´

Carbono in project management

Project managers often struggle to define what system to work with. Most off-the-shelf project management software has some kind of disadvantage, which makes it not exactly a perfect fit for the company it shall be used in. Be it, because many of the people involved do not have a license of the software on their computer, the software is complicated to use, or the people that must work with it are simply not used to working with software in a structured manner.

Facing this situation, many managers opt to coordinate and control their projects in MS Excel. One of the main reasons is that virtually everybody involved in projects knows how to use it. And in project management, communication and the ability to involve everybody are key.

Project management with Carbono works as follows: the project leader defines a working template, in which each work front shall work on a daily basis. This may include a GANTT chart to show status of activities, relevant obstacles and risks, as well as input needed from interfaces. The template is distributed to the work front leaders, and those update all relevant data and information  on a regular basis. The project leader consolidates all input automatically via the Carbono add–in, and displays overall status in a management dashboard. This allows for quick progress tracking, identification of issues, and taking effective action where necessary.