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Carbono for data gathering and consolidation

Data gathering and consolidation usually should not be a complicated task. But, in many cases, it turns out to be more time consuming than expected…

Often, the process owner produces an MS Excel template, and sends it to the people who shall fill in their data. But, in real life, this simple task may turn into a major effort. Not all persons responsible do return their sheets in a timely manner, requiring frequent follow-ups by e-mail or telephone. Data and information often is not filled in in the correct format, requiring numerous verification rounds. Or, the receiver of a template simply cannot find where he or she has stored it on his or her computer. Then, when the templates have finally been returned to the sender, consolidation issues begin. In manual consolidation, a large amount of copy-paste effort is required. In semi-automatic consolidation, links are often corrupted, or formats have been changed by the people receiving the templates.

Carbono has been designed to address these issues. In Carbono, you set up an MS Excel template, and distribute it automatically to as many users as you wish, right onto their computers. Data owners can input their data easily, in regular Excel. Collection and consolidation of all inserted data is then as easy as pressing a button on the Carbono add–in.